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Post Partum rehabilitation

These small group classes are doctor lead, and evidence based.  The rehabilitation is targeted to restore your total body, including core and pelvic floor muscles after delivering your baby.  This 8 session program, has classes twice per week over a one month period.  Classes are 60 minutes in length, and incorporate breath work, stretching, and strengthening the core and pelvic floor while focusing on supporting new moms - body and mind.

This class is for any and every mama!

Did you know the healthcare system in France covers pelvic floor and abdominal training after birth? This means moms in France never have to worry about jumping, laughing or sneezing! 

If you have recently had a baby you should consider incorporating this postpartum rehabilitation class into your postpartum period. Your body has recently undergone tremendous changes and stress, regardless if your delivery was vaginal or c-section. It is crucial that your core and pelvic floor muscle functions are restored.

If you had your child some time ago, you may still be in need of restoring your core and pelvic floor. In some women the muscle function is restored quickly following delivery, but in some women the dysfunction persists. This may show up as recurrent low back pain, inability to control your bladder when jumping or sneezing or a persistent separation of your abdominal muscles.